Saturday, November 29, 2008

Britney Spears on The X Factor

Fucking amazinggg! It's Britney Bitches! She's backkkkk.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lindsay and Sam Caught Kisssing

I'm disgusted! Two consenting lesbos doing unholy things in public?! How is this legal?! And people standing around like it's no big thing? They're all going to hell! I'm writing a letter!!

Amy Winehouse Overdoses

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(Nov. 25) -- Amy Winehouse was rushed to the hospital after suffering what's being described as a "seizure," following a fight with her just-out-of-jail soon-to-be ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.
According to The Sun, the troubled starlet went on a drinking and drug binge following a huge fight with Fielder-Civil. On Monday, the News of the World reported that Winehouse had left him, saying their relationship was "over." The Sun reports that Winehouse is still in the hospital, and undergoing tests.
A Sun source says that Winehouse" was beside herself after the call -- and she just totally lost it." The source says the phone call took place on Saturday, and that Winehouse tried to ease the pain with booze and drugs afterwards.
"It didn't stop until she was on the floor on Sunday. She has ended up in hospital a few times after similar drink and drugs related seizures. If she carries on, one of these incidents will be her last," the source said.
Winehouse's spokesman confirmed that his client was indeed in the hospital, but was there for "a bad reaction to the combination of medication she has currently been prescribed."
Winehouse shot to fame in 2007 with the smash hit 'Rehab,' in which she sings about fighting the wishes of others to seek treatment. Since then, she's made several attempts at actual rehab, has been implicated in several drug videos leaked to the press and online, and overall has displayed very erratic behavior. She's often mobbed by photographers because of her unkempt appearance and anything-can-happen ways when she goes out in London.

Beyonce at the Cadillac Records Premiere

Beyonce on the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie Cadillac Records.
Stunninggg. Her accessories may not be amazing, but the dress is fabulous and her hair looks great.

Beyonce at the Ama's

Beyonce and/or Sasha Fierce performed her hit single "Single Ladies" at the American Music Awards and it was sooo fucking amazing! She had the best performance of the night! Don't hateee.

Britney in Rolling Stone Photos

I really love some of them, and I really hate some of them. She looks really old. Cut down on those cigs Brit! I really wish her the best with this upcoming tour, and I hope she can make it through in one piece.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bonnie Hunt and Niecy Nash do Housewives of Atlanta

Hahaha omgg. I love thwoa and I love Bonnie and Niecy, so this is fucking heaven for me. "LAA LA LA LAA that's all I'm givin' you!" lmaoo

Lindsay and Sam in Therapy?

So Apparently Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson aren't doing too well. The super famous lesbos are rumored to be seeking counseling to help keep their relationship together... Right.

Come the fuck on people. Can you really see these two party girls going to therapy to keep their relationship together? Sounds like utter bullshit. Maybe they are close to a breakup, but I doubt this story is true...


Dead Amy Winehouse Statue... Wow

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An artist is displaying in New York a statue in real size of the British singer Amy Winehouse fallen in the ground in a blood puddle, with a shot in the head.

This is really disturbing and sad. Mostly because it's not hard to picture Amy in this state. The woman looks like she could keel over at any moment. How could this happen to such an amazing person. Ughh now im all depressed

Solange T.O.N.Y

I fucking love Solange. Haters to the left.

2012 President-Elect Palin Loves Turkey

Haha, I hate PETA, but I hope they get all over this bitch. And I love that the man was listening whilst killing. He's cheesin' and slaughterin, cheesin' and slaughterin'. And the best part is when she talks about being responsible for the turkey at Thanksgiving and the guy smiles. Fuck, I love this clip.

Rihanna Rehearsing for the Amas

That fug bitch Rihanna getting ready for the American Music Awards. Why do people like this cunt? I mean, I loved her back in the pon da reply days, but now she's just a snide bitch. Throwing away her money on ridiculous clothes and unattractive hairstyles. We get it, you think you're different. Maybe if she could sing it would be different, but if I have to hear her nostril air one more timeeee. Oh and she's dating Chris Brown who I also hate. Gaggg


Kelly Fierce... Miley Slutty

First of all, when the hell did Kelly Osbourne get so goddamn skinny? Bitch is a stick! She is so fucking fierce. I've loved her since the first season of The Osbournes (Which i have on DVD haha). I lovee her bag too.

Miley is a fucking slut. That's all I gotta say about her haha. Gurl Next


Rosie Tells off Barbara!

Haha, I love her so damn much.

Ashlee Simpson Finally Has Baby

Bronx Mowgli Wentz, 7 lbs., 11 oz. boy

Well it's about damn time! Seems like this bitch has been preggers for at least a year. And let me be the first to say, it's probably one OOGLY ass baby. I mean with ashlees old nose and buttchin, mixed with pete wentz douchiness. And I swear to god if this child gets a record deal at any point in its unfortunate life I'm chokin someone.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winona Ryder Overdose!

Winona Ryder was rushed to the hospital after collapsing twice on a British Airways flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow yesterday. The Boeing 747 was forced to make a "priority landing" after an alleged accidental overdose of Xanax caused the shoplifting actress to faint in first class.

A witness said she turned a "deathly shade of pale" before fainting.

It is believed that Winona took the pills to treat her fear of flying.

She was checked into Hillingdon Hospital under an alternate identity, where her stomach was pumped.


But…. she's okay, as she was discharged last night and then flew to another European city.

Feel better!

Jennifer Garner Stalker

Damn, This shit is getting crazy. Apparently this guy has been obsessed with her since 2002, he follows her around the country, and he poses as religious people to try to gain access to her. He thinks she should be persecuted and die. She has a restraining order against him now, but I don't see someone this sick really caring what a piece of paper says.
I'm worried about her! She grew up her in West Virginia, and went to school super close to where I live. Stay safe gurl!

Madge Needs A Trim

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The stars were out in full force last night for the launch of Gucci’s Tattoo Heart Collection at The Plaza in New York City.

Channeling her inner Oscar the Grouch in an astroturf minidress, newly single Madonna was all smiles as she joined company spokesmodel Rihanna for a little poseoff on the red carpet.

Other celeb attendees included Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Timbaland, Adrian Grenier and Mary J. Blige..

What in the high hell is this bologna? That botox is goin to her head. And her mustache is KILLIN' me. Oh Madge, Unacceptable!


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paris Hilton and Benji Breakup!

Paris and Benji break up, and it's not because of Paris's ugly face or slutty tendencies! It's Benjis' Fault! Apparently, Paris thought he was too bitchy and controlling. Thats like the pot callin' the kettle irrelevant if you ask me. I don't give a fuck about either of these fools. You can knock me over with a penis right now. I'm in shock. I thought these two would last forever and ever.

Hopefully her new fake BFF can console her and help her through these hard times.


Pamela Anderson Loves Pot! Hates Balls...

I think we should legalise marijuana, tax and monitor - farm hemp etc. This would make our borders less corrupt and then I think eventually this will be a more secure option and save children in the long run - we should be able to farm hemp in America - it's just silly. It would create jobs and be good for the environment."

Government must castrate every molester - potential molester - err on the safe side. If any child pornography is found in anyone's possession, or anyone creating such atrocities, or if any child is brave enough to come forward (at any young age to bring attention to a potential molester - listen) they need to be taken very seriously and see that justice is served.

"The abuse is way worse than any trial could be - our children need more protection and justice seen. It needs to be PREVENTED not just punished."

Well okay then...

Beyonce Lookin'... Haggard

I love you Bey. I really really do. However, these pictures are a H.A.M. Not attractive at all baby.
That dress makes you look 5 feet tall. Those shoes are too hideous to even try to describe. Your ashy legs are... discracting. And your makeup is too light for your damn skin! You look like an oily ghost!
I love you and Sasha more then life, but I cannot and will not support this blatant bullshit.


And the winner of ANTM Is...

Top 3
Mckey, Sam, Analeigh

Here is the beginning of my post.

(Click here for Top 2 and Winner!)
Top 2
Mckey and Sam

Mckey Winner!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

5 Song Circus Leak!

Out from under

Kill the Lights
If you seek Amy
Unusual You



Jennifer Aniston

So, I have a question. WHAT THE FUCK is up with all the Jennifer Aniston coverage lately? She does one magazine cover and interview and it's the talk of the damn town. She isn't that great of an actress, she's a boring person in general, and she just seems like one of those desperate women who need a man in their lives to feel happy. Whatever. She'll go back to being irrelevant soon.

New Circus Promo Pic... WTF!

Haha, That can't be real... Right? It's fan made... Right? Oh god. First that fierce Rodarte dress, which she clearly can't pull off, then that stupid cover art. Now This Photoshop mess! I weep for her life. People around her just don't give a fuck. Lmao.

Click the picture to Enlarge

New Sasha Fierce Pictures

Get it Sashaaa! These pictures are so fucking fierce. Haters to the leftttt.


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