Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Britney Bitch!


Please let this be for the VMAs
Please let this be for the VMAs
Please let this be for the VMAs

Video: Britney's Back!

Feeuhze! ANTM

Did you see the season premier of America's Next Top Model? Huh?! Huh? If you didn't, you are missing out! So much fierce and fabulosity going on. Delicious! However, before I can get to the Feeuhzeness (read: fierceness), I HAVE to talk about the H.A.M moments.

The whole futuristic theme was lame, played out, ghetto, and just a MESS. Tyra Bot, Alpha and Beta Jay? Aw Hell Naw! And Mr. Jays hair was a monstrosity that should never be witnessed by the human eye. He has had that same cute, short, silver shit going on for all these years. Whoever told him that wig was attractive should be shot. Not cute bb.

Moving on, I'm not even gunna go into how pointless the first hour of the 2 hour premier was, or how terrible of an idea the first photoshoot was, because I watched with some Feeuhze bitches on stickam, so it was fun. So lets get into the juicy drama!

There's this bitch, Clark. This cunt is ALREADY workin' my last nerve! Talking shit about my diva?! Blaming her stupidity on being from a small town? Rockin' that 80's raggity hairstyle?! No ma'am pam. We do not like that. She's gunna learn real quick that you don't mess with the gays or trannies when trying to get into the modeling industry. WE RUN THAT SHIT! She's never gunna work after this. And the bitch doesn't deserve to.

Sharaun... You know what. This bitch was the first to get eliminated. I'm not even going to waste my time... NEXT!

So far there isn't much other drama going on yet. Just bitches hating on Isis. So lets move on to the good stuff!

Sheena! If I was straight, you know id tap it. I bet she knows how to work it in bed. Shes got the killer body, sassy attitude, and shes asian. If ya'll didn't know, asian girls are Feeuhze. Nuff said. Her first photo was delicious! Check it Here.

Majorie. The french Diva. She's cute, and shy in person, but when those lights start flashin', the Feeuhzeness creeps out! She is ATLEAST top 3, if not the winner. Check her out Here.

And finally, my girl Isis! That bitch is 10 types of tasty and I would kill to be able to chill with her for a day. She just seems like fun, and I could learn a lot from her. When Nigel told her to do a quick pose, and then asked her why she chose that one, and she said because she was putting her face towards the light! Chileeee, that's when I knew we weren't dealing with just any ol' bitch. Isis is somethin' special, ya'll! To be honest, she won't win. But she should! When you get noticed for being an extra in someone elses picture, gurrrrl. And of course she has a Feeuhze walk. All trannies/drag queens do. Just a fact of life. If you can't strut your shit and sway your hips, its time to put up the wig and call it a night.

Isis walk, and Photo

That's all I've got to say so far. Tune in next week for my ANTM rundown!

Loves you bitches <3


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