Friday, September 12, 2008

John Mccain on The View

This bitches know what they are doing. Get it BawBaw!

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Britney Out & About

Britney Spears arrives at the Little Red Door Restaurant for dinner in Hollywood on Thursday night. The 26-year-old singer has impressed her RCA bosses so much recently, that they are pushing for her next album to be released in December. “Britney’s last album, Blackout, was released in the middle of her meltdown and carried negative associations,” a source told The Sun. “It did OK but wasn’t as big as her previous releases. Label chiefs vowed her private life would never be allowed to overshadow her career again. “However, they’ve been astonished by how well she’s managed to piece her life back together.” The RCA bosses are reportedly planning to release a single in November then a big relaunch in December with the album and live showsAnd here is the rest of it.

I can't wait for this bitches comeback. It's gunna be devine.


Katie Holmes Is Feeuhze

"A solo Katie Holmes steps out of her New York City apartment on Friday morning sporting a shiny new pair of black leggings."

She needs to leave Tom. Pronto! Right now! This bitch is such a Diva. She could do soo much more without him. And she wouldn't have Toms crazy factor attached to her.


Marc and his Boo Kissin'

I just wanted to post this picture. It's cute!

Pink a Scientologist

FuckFuckFuck. Why do celebrities keep falling for this shit? Scientology is one of the biggest cults ever. And it's sad, because it has so many people fooled. People think it's actually a religion. WRONG. There is no actual church. It's just a money hungry corporation that kills people who try to leave/speak out against it. If you do your research, you can find out a lot of terrible things that go on in that looneybin.

As for Pink, this is a complete shock. She's the last person I would ever think to join that shit. She's such a "rebel", why would she join something everything else is doing. It's just not her. Scientology came to her after her divorce and tore her down. Now they have her money, life, everything. If it turns out that this is true, I cannot support Pink anymore. Just can't.

Amy Winehouse ... DJ?

So amy was DJing at a club yesterday, but thats irrelavent. What I want to know is why there are all these people always around her, but no one tries to help her? Everytime I see pictures of her, I just want to jump through my screen and help her. Bathe her, Give her good food, Put her in the hospital. She's obviously not right. She's not well enough to be going out and djing and shit. Get her help! When it comes to other celebrities, they're handlers, and family, and friends don't want them to get help, because they are benifiting from the celebrity. Going places, money, clothes, food. Why would they want to give that up, because the celebrity has a little drug problem? It's sad but it's true. However, with Amy, she's not even making money anymore. Her cd is old, she doesn't show up to her performances. So why is she not getting help? It's weird how after Britney went crazy, and stopped making money, her family took care of it. But Amys fucked up family doesn't do shit.

Okay I'm done, I just get so worked up when it comes to her. I love her and her music soo much.


Tara Reid Isn't Engaged ...Yawn

Alright, I don't care about this hoebag, but everyone else is posting about this, soo. ZZzzZZ.

There were rumors going around that Tara Reid was engaged to this hot fashion guy. I didn't care then, don't care now. Her rep told UsWeekly, “It’s just a rumor, not true."
She should be conforming that shit like crazy. This is the first time anyone has talked about Tara without mentioning her D-list status, or fucked up body. She's finally in the news for something normal, and she denies it?! I'm over it.

Zac Efron on the Cover of Teen Vogue

Ughh. I know he is a douche. I know he wears too much makeup. I hate HSM. But this boyy. He gets me wet. Hes just gorgeous. I can't help it. I'd suck his pito for days and days. I smell a threesome. Me, Him, and Cristiano Ronaldo! Hollaa

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