Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don't Do Anal with Supahead

I don't know whether this is hilarious, or triflin'. I mean it's funny to a point. Haha, we get to see a mans anal sex toys. But then it's disgusting. Why would she do this? What is she trying to prove? As if straight men weren't self-conscious, and homophobic enough, they don't need women outing them when it comes to shit like this. Watch the video then tell me what you think.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Gorgeous

Despite a controversial summer following talk of a trade to Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted back in Manchester on Wednesday (September 11) as he gears up for the season.

Blah Blah Blah. I just wanted to post his sexy picturesss. This mannn. Take me nowww. He kinda looks like he likes passionate sex though, which im not into. I like it rough and dirty. But I'll train him, dont worry.


Adele Banned In America !

Adele's hit song 'Chasing Pavements' has been banned in the US for its homosexual connotations.

The record - which has proved a huge success in Adele's native UK - has been dubbed a gay anthem by Americans, who think the title is referring to gay men who cruise around looking for sex.

Adele has now blamed the reference for damaging her chances of making it big Stateside.

She said: "Some weirdo on the internet wrote that 'Chasing Pavements' was about being gay, which isn't true at all.

"Because of that some radio stations in the States wouldn't play it. The guy wrote it on the Urban Dictionary website, which I've used for years and 'chasing pavements' was never on there as a slang term before."

However, the 20-year-old singer is not going to let the issue get her down, because she isn't interested in breaking America anyway.

She added: "I don't like flying. I hate it, and I don't want to start taking Valium, so I'm not going to get over there much."

This is a fucking disgusting outrage. I love adele, and this is just pathetic. Like other countries need any other reason to think us Americans are idiots? Why would a straight female write a song about gay men cruising for sex? People are such idiots, it disgusts me.

Totally Superficial

So Nicole was seen going to her court ordered driving class in LA, blah blah blah. I don't care about that. How fabulous does she look? She is such a fucking diva, she can wear a few simple pieces and still look amazing. If you didn't know, I have an obsession with her. She's beyond Feeuhze.


Janet Jackson Tour Photos

What the fucccck? Unacceptable! I do not approve. Her ass looks fabulous, I'll give her that. But everything else is just Wrong Wrong Wrong. The hair. I mean really. Like a ratted, nasty faux hawk. And whats up with the ruching at the bottom of her pants? Hell to the no!

Theres just too much going on here. I cant take it.


Kanye West Arrested Caught on Tape!

Erik, our cameraman, is on his way back to our offices now, after being interviewed by LAX Police. Here's how he said it happened.

Erik says he was at Terminal 4 (American Airlines) when he noticed a still photog taking several pictures of Kanye West. Erik says West rushed the photog and grabbed his camera. A struggle ensued and the still guy was screaming, "Police, Help!" Erik says Kanye then took the still camera and threw it on the ground, breaking it into pieces.

Erik then went over to Kanye, his camera rolling, when Kanye's assistant walked up to him, realized Erik was taping, and said, "Give me the camera, give me the camera." Erik responded that he had a press pass and had a right to shoot. The assistant then gabbed the camera, ripped off the mike and viewfinder and then grabbed the cam and smashed it to the ground.

Omg! This is insane! Updates soon...


The Video
Click picture to view!


Police report


Hilary Duff on the Bonnie Hunt Show

I hate Hilary Duff. But I lovvve me some Bonnie Hunt! She just seems like the sweetest woman on earth. Like if I met her she'd do my laundry and wipe the cum smudges off my face with a tissue. Just a sweet woman. Today (Sept. 11), at 2pm on NBC. Watch it or die! =]


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