Friday, November 21, 2008

Bonnie Hunt and Niecy Nash do Housewives of Atlanta

Hahaha omgg. I love thwoa and I love Bonnie and Niecy, so this is fucking heaven for me. "LAA LA LA LAA that's all I'm givin' you!" lmaoo

Lindsay and Sam in Therapy?

So Apparently Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson aren't doing too well. The super famous lesbos are rumored to be seeking counseling to help keep their relationship together... Right.

Come the fuck on people. Can you really see these two party girls going to therapy to keep their relationship together? Sounds like utter bullshit. Maybe they are close to a breakup, but I doubt this story is true...


Dead Amy Winehouse Statue... Wow

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An artist is displaying in New York a statue in real size of the British singer Amy Winehouse fallen in the ground in a blood puddle, with a shot in the head.

This is really disturbing and sad. Mostly because it's not hard to picture Amy in this state. The woman looks like she could keel over at any moment. How could this happen to such an amazing person. Ughh now im all depressed

Solange T.O.N.Y

I fucking love Solange. Haters to the left.

2012 President-Elect Palin Loves Turkey

Haha, I hate PETA, but I hope they get all over this bitch. And I love that the man was listening whilst killing. He's cheesin' and slaughterin, cheesin' and slaughterin'. And the best part is when she talks about being responsible for the turkey at Thanksgiving and the guy smiles. Fuck, I love this clip.

Rihanna Rehearsing for the Amas

That fug bitch Rihanna getting ready for the American Music Awards. Why do people like this cunt? I mean, I loved her back in the pon da reply days, but now she's just a snide bitch. Throwing away her money on ridiculous clothes and unattractive hairstyles. We get it, you think you're different. Maybe if she could sing it would be different, but if I have to hear her nostril air one more timeeee. Oh and she's dating Chris Brown who I also hate. Gaggg


Kelly Fierce... Miley Slutty

First of all, when the hell did Kelly Osbourne get so goddamn skinny? Bitch is a stick! She is so fucking fierce. I've loved her since the first season of The Osbournes (Which i have on DVD haha). I lovee her bag too.

Miley is a fucking slut. That's all I gotta say about her haha. Gurl Next


Rosie Tells off Barbara!

Haha, I love her so damn much.

Ashlee Simpson Finally Has Baby

Bronx Mowgli Wentz, 7 lbs., 11 oz. boy

Well it's about damn time! Seems like this bitch has been preggers for at least a year. And let me be the first to say, it's probably one OOGLY ass baby. I mean with ashlees old nose and buttchin, mixed with pete wentz douchiness. And I swear to god if this child gets a record deal at any point in its unfortunate life I'm chokin someone.

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