Sunday, September 7, 2008

VMAs Commentary Exclusive Britney and Rihanna Pictures and Video

I'm crushed! Yeah her little skit with Jonah Hill was cute. Then she had on that cute silver dress. The intensity built, she was on stage, then out comes Rihannas little army of freaks! I was steamin'! We've been robbed! Rihanna sucked! She should NEVER sing live! Ughh fuck this. Britney's fuck up last year was 10 times better then Rihannnas shitty performance. I'm over it. I know I should have watched True Blood.

So, it was Britneys night. It's her first year to win, and she gets 3! Congrats brit, keep it up!

Rihanna's first performance was terrible, but she looked hot singing her new Numa Numa inspired song, Live Your Life.

Russell Brand said some contraversial things about the Jonas Brothers, but I thought he was Hilarious, and very very sexy.

Christina Aguilera looked like Lady GaGa, but the song was hot, and she looked sexy.

Lovee Pinks new song.

That's all that I saw. Hope you guys enjoyed the show, and thanks for checking out my blog!

Night Bitches

Pictures, and Video.

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Weekend Wrapup

My take on celebrities, politics, and youtube this week.

Thanks for watching.

Naked Daniel Radcliffe Pics!

They aren't the best quality, and you can barely see the peen, but it's enough for me! haha

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Love you bitches <3


Blog [9.7.08]

Ugh, so I just spent 12 hours editing codes and shit on here. I didn't even change that much, but it still took forever.

I wish I could find a cute layout that was still professional and not like, hot pink with hearts and flowers and shit.

I need to make another viddeoooo.

It's so hard being on 2 channels. I have williexwhip, and then the other collab channel im on. It's hard enough finding the energy and creativity for my own, much less another one, which I HAVE to do on a weekly basis. But whatever. No one said workin' your way around youtube would be easy.

OMG I remember like 3 years ago, I started a youtube channel with videos of me singing. That was back when youtube just started. Weirddd. I wish I would have kept on with that channel. Who knows, I could be one of those bitches with hundreds of thousands of subs and views. FUCK!

Oh and then like 2 years ago, I started another channel making little skits and stuff. Thinking about it now, those sucked hard. But I still wish I would have kept up with it. I don't even remember that channel name. One of the videos I made was an iPhone parody. Back before it even came out, and no one new what it looked like. I taped my ipod nano onto my cellphone. Haha. I'm such a dork.

Okay, enough reminiscing. Have a great night.

Love you bitches <3

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