Friday, September 19, 2008

Chris Crocker Mind In The Gutter

Kathy Griffin Is Now A-List

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is set for a career boost after the success of her hit U.S show Life On The D-list reportedly led to a flood of TV offers.

According to the New York Post, the star will announce the next step in her career after Sunday's 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

A source tells the newspaper, "Other networks are aggressively pursuing Kathy for a multi-tiered deal, which would include hosting a late-night talk show, award shows, and continuing her reality show and comedy specials."

A spokesperson for Griffin declined to comment on the report.

You guys just do not understand how much I love Kathy Griffin. She is literally one of my idols. I would do anything for her. I'll watch any show she's on, any movie, anything. I don't care if it's shitty. I support this woman more then anyone. I'm not even making sense right now, thats how excited I am, and how hard it is for me to express my love for her. I want her to have the biggest shows on tv, tons of Emmys. Fuckkk. I love you Kathy!
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Rumer Willis Could Be Hot

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So, I was looking at some pictures of potato head, and I was like damn, she really does have a potato head. How unfortunate. But then I was like, without it, she could be fucking gorgeous. So I decided to do a little photoshopping, and it turns out I was right. Just a little moving of the jaw and she could be Feeuhze. She's one of the few people in Hollywood who really should get surgery. People would stop making fun of her, and she would be gorgeous.
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Get Into It

Oh my gawd. You bitches have got to watch this video and subscribe. You just do NOT understande the FEEUHZENESS that this diva possesses.

Tyra Approves.
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