Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winona Ryder Overdose!

Winona Ryder was rushed to the hospital after collapsing twice on a British Airways flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow yesterday. The Boeing 747 was forced to make a "priority landing" after an alleged accidental overdose of Xanax caused the shoplifting actress to faint in first class.

A witness said she turned a "deathly shade of pale" before fainting.

It is believed that Winona took the pills to treat her fear of flying.

She was checked into Hillingdon Hospital under an alternate identity, where her stomach was pumped.


But…. she's okay, as she was discharged last night and then flew to another European city.

Feel better!

Jennifer Garner Stalker

Damn, This shit is getting crazy. Apparently this guy has been obsessed with her since 2002, he follows her around the country, and he poses as religious people to try to gain access to her. He thinks she should be persecuted and die. She has a restraining order against him now, but I don't see someone this sick really caring what a piece of paper says.
I'm worried about her! She grew up her in West Virginia, and went to school super close to where I live. Stay safe gurl!

Madge Needs A Trim

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The stars were out in full force last night for the launch of Gucci’s Tattoo Heart Collection at The Plaza in New York City.

Channeling her inner Oscar the Grouch in an astroturf minidress, newly single Madonna was all smiles as she joined company spokesmodel Rihanna for a little poseoff on the red carpet.

Other celeb attendees included Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Timbaland, Adrian Grenier and Mary J. Blige..

What in the high hell is this bologna? That botox is goin to her head. And her mustache is KILLIN' me. Oh Madge, Unacceptable!


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