Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Madonna Falls on Stage !

That's what that old hag gets. I swear I hate her. I'm not ageist, and I'm not saying she has to act like a nun, but no person her age should be grindin' a fucking guitar, live on stage in front of the world. It's ridiculous. How embarrassing is that for her kids. "Look, my mommy is a 50 year old whore!" Classy madge, real real classy.

ANTM Who got Eliminated?

Brad Pitt wants to Marry Me!

Well, not me specifically, but he thinks the gays should be able to get married! And to support that, hes giving up 100,000 dollars against proposition 8!

In a statement the 44-year-old actor says “because no one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn’t harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8.”

I love this man more then life! I watched Fight Club the other day and had multiple orgasms! Delicious

New Bond Song

Here is the new song from Alicia Keys and Jack White (from the White Stripes) for the upcoming 22nd James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

Project Runway Winner Revealed *Spoiler*

Oh Shit! The winner got out! I stopped watching a couple weeks ago, so I'm over it.



Brendas Baby Daddy Is...


That's Little Dakota Fanning!

Way to make me feel old! Here's little Dakota at the premier of her movie "Hounddog".
She gets raped in the movie! My little Dakota, the girl from I Am Sam. I can't believe it. I'm going to cry!


Tyra in V Magazine

This is most definitely NOT Tyra Banks quality. If one of the girls on ANTM took a picture like this, the judges would have hated it. And what's up with her teeth! Didn't she make Danielle and that blonde chick get their teeth fixed? Unacceptable!

Beyonce has a Kinky Police Fetish

Fooled Ya!

Beyonce lays the smackdown as New York’s Finest, playing an NYPD police officer on the set of her new music video “If I Was a Boy” this past Friday in Harlem, New York City.

The new song is scheduled to be released on October 7th. Beyonce’s untitled third studio album is said to be available on November 18th.

Lovee Beyonce more then life. Her, Britney, and Mariah are my queens. I'll do, buy, sell anything those bitches want. Can't wait for some new beyonce material. Those two songs that leaked a while back are great, but I need MOAR.


90210 Stars Anorexic


Two of the stars of the new 90210 take the latest cover of Us Weekly.

The mag claims that two of the show’s lead actresses, Shenae Grimes (left) and Jessica Stroup (right), are too thin for TV. Shenae (est. 90 lbs) and Jessica (est. 100 lbs) have reportedly been ordered to gain weight and their costars are planning an intervention since some of them have “never seen them eat”.

Obviously they are too thin. There's no question about that. No one can be that thin looking natural. Now, maybe someone can be thin, or at that weight, and not have an eating disorder, but if you look at past photos of both of these girls, then you can tell it isn't natural.

Us as viewers need to take a stand, start sending letters, boycotting, whatever we have to do to make it known that this shit can't stand. As long as they think that's what we want to see, they will continue forcing girls to get thin.

Joel Cheating On Nicole ?!

Haha, gotcha. That's ridiculous. Who would leave Gorgeous, Beautiful, Nicole Richie, for Nasty, Trashy, Mischa Barton. And not with a baby. He's not like that. I mean I don't know him haha, but he seems sweet.

Loves it


Pushing Britney Too Hard?

Britney Spears’ label recently announced that Spears will release her sixth studio album, “Circus,” on Dec. 2.

While some might consider the new work a marker of Spears’ improving health, some close to her fear that now that the worst seems to be over, she’s going to be treated as little more than a cash cow.

“Britney has been going to the studio ever since she got out of the hospital, but it was more a therapeutic exercise than anything," says a source close to the Spears family. “The people who really care about her knew that even though she wants to be the pop star she used to be, it won’t be good for her. Even her label, Jive, understood that. It’s a little unsettling to us that they’d want her to get back to recording so fast.”

There’s also the question of how the album can be put together so quickly. One source close to Jive says that the swift turnaround won’t be an issue.

“She’s not Paul Simon. As long as it’s produced well and has a good beat, she’ll have a hit,” says the source. “Really, the quicker we do it, the better it will be. You shouldn’t overthink some things.”

I agree. She can't be fully be well, and they are pushing her like it's the old Britney Spears. She's not fully in control of her life at all. That must feel so frustrating. She's been a show pony since birth. The bitch probably can't even take a shit by herself. It's so sad.

That being said, I am glad that she has new music coming out. I love her so fucking much. She can do no wrong.

Heidi And Spencer at a Childrens Hospital?

Following a day-long birthday celebration, Heidi Montag and boyfriend Spencer Pratt visited the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) where Ryan Seacrest was broadcasting his radio show with a guest performance by Jesse McCartney on Tuesday (September 16).

After spending time on the air with Ryan talking about their reality show “The Hills,” the co-star couple then took a tour of some of the children’s wards at the hospital, proceeding to greet some of the patients.

According to a source on-hand, Heidi became fairly emotional visiting with the ill and needy children, but didn’t let it show - instead she chatted to the kids about High School Musical, Camp Rock, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato and loads of other Disney movies and stars.

Our insider adds that Spencer even claimed he wished he was Zac Efron, so that the kids would like him more!

These two are the most vile, disgusting, greedy, whores I have ever seen in all my days. Like, really. You're going to use sick children for publicity? Really? You're that desperate for fame? I'm over it


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