Sunday, August 31, 2008

AVG Sucks!

UGHHH. Okay, so I am semi super happy, and semi superrr pissed.

Like a month ago, I was trying to download an addon for skype so me and my twin could talk. Well I ended up getting a major virus. I couldn't do anything. It changed my wallpaper, and kept giving me popups, and it was scanning my computer and all this crazy, scary shit. I shut down my computer, and did a system restore to a few days before. Everything seemed fine, but I was super nervous, so I downloaded AVG. Scanned my computer and nothing came up. I thought I was good. WRONG! My laptop was like sooo slow. It took forever to boot up, and forever for pages to load, and it was just a damn mess. WELLL I got sick of it. I had to do something! I got a new computer because my old one was from the stone age, and after downloading AVG my new laptop was about the same speed as my old desktop from 2002! I decided to uninstall AVG. Restarted. And OMG. I have my new computer back! It's not as fast as before, but it's tonsss better.

Basically, it wasn't the damn virus that was fucking my computer it, it was the thing that was supposed to protect me from the viruses! Ridiculous.

K I'm done. Off to go surf redtube without the lag!

Love You Bitches <3


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